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Sofa Armrest Tray

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Do you ever get so comfortable on the couch that you don't want to get up to get a snack or your remote control? Well, now there's no need to with this handy Sofa Tray Table! This tray attaches easily to the armrest of your couch and gives you a place to put your snacks, remote control, or coffee cup. It's made of natural bamboo, so it's sturdy and looks great too.



The first thing you notice about this foldable armrest tray is the heft of the hinge and clamp of the spring. It creates a wide grip for the arms of medium to wide arms. Try this Durable 100% Bamboo Armrest Tray and see!


This sofa table not only takes up less space than regular tv trays for eating, but it also folds into itself to store under the couch when not in use! And while you shouldn’t lean on it, you can enjoy a regular-sized dinner plate on it!


This armrest table is easy to use! No other tools are required, install and uninstall in a second, just clip-on and off. The tray is designed with anti-slip rubber grips to stop it from rolling around so you can sit your drink next to the remote without worry.


Material: Natural Bamboo
Size: 9.84 inch ( DIA. )
1 x Sofa Armrest Tray