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L-Shape Punch-Free Wall Mounted Hook

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Our team at Kitchen Kandy really love these simply hooks. They are popular as they are so useful in so many parts of the kitchen and in terms of space saving offer many different options. The design is so simple and clean it fits anywhere and looks stylish. The installation is so easy your children can do it but most importantly these hook actually perform to a very high standard they are made well and can hold heavy things and last a very long time! 

We hope you enjoy these hooks too please let us know how you you find them? 

[Installation Tips]
1. The material of the sticker is very sticky nano glue. Before installation, wipe with a rag to clean the dust at the installation place
2. Tear off the protective film of nano glue, paste it on the hook, and then squeeze it hard to exhaust the air in the hook and nano glue
3. After installing the hook, tear off the nano-glue protective film on the back, paste it on the wall, and finally squeeze out the air in the wall and the hook by hand!
4. Use on flat, smooth, solid surfaces such as smooth tiles, metal, glass, marble, stainless steel. (Not suitable for white lime plaster walls and rough surfaces!)

【High Function】You can hang various items on the hook, such as keys, scarves, hats, etc. The hook can be installed on the table mirror of the door wardrobe or on the wall of the bathroom, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, balcony, patio. You can use this adhesive hook for hanging coats, towels, shower supplies, toiletries, mugs, belts, ties, bags, toilet paper, and more. (If you need to hang heavy objects, please use it after 24 hours of installation, thank you)

【Better Design】The hook has no sharp corners and is more secure. You will not be injured by accidentally hitting the hook, especially children. The unique long-handled L-shaped design allows for more irregular-shaped items to hang in combination. This hook can be turned into a clothes rack, towel rack, pot lid rack, photo rack, mop rack, wall decoration rack and more. It is used by many people.

【Necessary: Don't worry about the owner damaging the wall】 It is also very convenient to temporarily hang things. When Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or other holidays roll around, when you want to hang garlands, Christmas trees and other holiday decorations for a short period of time, you definitely don't want to fill your walls with holes.

Customer Reviews

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Ezra Herzog

looks sturdy. I haven't tried it though.

Gabriella Dickinson

good received well - it seems to work I have not try it yet - hope it will hold good. Recommend Kitchen Kandy